And so it begins...

Six years after coming up with the idea for The R-Word documentary film, and after years of research, one year of development, two months of pre-production, two months of fundraising and countless hours of conversation, we commenced production on May 7th, 2015. This film is a passion project in every sense of the word - a project that has been in my mind since I was a young girl.

To say that this journey and the making of this film continues to be a surreal and humbling experience would be an understatement. I do not take for granted all of the people who have helped bring this film project to fruition. I thank the incredible individuals participating in the film who have shared their words, stories and lives with us. I thank all 400+ donors who's generous contributions have made this production a reality. I thank Zac, our cinematographer, and Spencer, our producer friend, who's talent, time and integrity created such a delightful and fun production experience. I thank our family and friends for their love and support, and specifically our parents for taking care of Nya when we were filming. Last but not least, I thank my partner-in-life and in this project, my husband Danny (who's also producing and editing the film) - there is no way that this film would be happening if it weren't for your unconditional love, support and belief that I could do it. 

I look forward to keeping momentum going, completing this labor of love and making all of you proud. 


Much love,

Amanda Lukoff